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Motorola rokr E8 Rreview

 The Motorola ROKR E8 mobile phone has your normal video view with the zoom in, zoom out features and the video/camera feature. For those who are video/camera enthusiasts; this is a wonderful plus if deciding to buy this mobile phone. First, let us investigate further into all the features of this ROKR E8 phone.

Motorola rokr E8

For many of you who are dedicated multitaskers, this mobile phone has flaws such as having to switch certain modes. If you are in need to pause music or must skip a few tracks, be prepared to having to switch completely out of your current mode as you will need to wait for the new controls to light up; meanwhile switching to the last task you were at in the first place. This is a flaw that can be a killjoy and a big negative for this mobile phone overall.

On a positive note; it has a sleek, slim physique at 10.6mm with a length of 115 mm; around the same measurements as it’s competitor; the iPhone, with a high gloss surface. Another notable downside is the two inch QVGA screen which isn’t a comfortable fit for the other features the ROKR E8 mobile phone has to offer; unlike other phones. This feature would have been nice for movies if only it were a bit larger. Unfortunately there is limited support at H.263 or MPEG 4.

A wonderful change is a microSD slot; 2GB of memory and a headphone jack at approximately 3.5 mm. Unfortunately there are no GPS, WiFI and 3G features to spoil us; but there is an FM radio and voice recorder!

Camera mode on this mobile phone offers no high hopes as there is a low pixel count and horrible image processing. You may as well through in the lack of auto focus and flash. If you are big on camera phones; perhaps this isn’t the one for you.

The scroll wheel is a feature that is hard to get along with. The three quarter wheel allows you to run your thumb fully around it when changing different menu and music options. Fortunately; the wheel is accompanied by glowing dots; allowing the user to be guided left, right, up and down.


The Motorola ROKR E8 comes equipped with Song ID powered by Shazam. Unfortunately the 2 inch isn’t easily read, and is way too small. This mobile phone is okay in some instances; but is held heavily on the negative side.

The Motorola ROKR E8 is pretty much rigged for the music lover in us all; with the ability to store 1,500 songs. This mobile phone is equipped with repeat keys; giving the user functions such as forward, play/pause, back and forward. One shall have the gift of the basic text messaged letters. For some, this feature may be suitable; unfortunately it may not work for all. The looks are great and works well for music; therefore lacking the necessities of a complete phone and camera.

htc touch dual

The utility business phones is very popular today. These phones not only help people manage their office work but also act as enhancers in your state. HTC is a leading mobile phone that gave the concept of your business profit. The company tends to launch mobile professionals elegant and sensual, with mind blowing features. Recently, HTC has launched its telephone utility revolutionary new business that is mobile HTC Touch Dual. This phone is a slider phone with an attractive design and characteristics of fashion. Usually, people compare this phone with its main competitor, Sprint Treo 650. There is also a telephone utility company to look mean and standard features.


The Sprint Treo 650 dimensions are 113 x 59 x 23 with a weight of 178 grams. These dimensions make the phone bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The screen of this phone is crisp and bright giving a resolution 320 x 320 pixels. To make this phone user friendly, the company has equipped a 5-pad navigation buttons and other controls on the corner of the phone. But these efforts of the company can not do this position before the HTC Touch Dual phone.

With the HT  C Touch Dual is concerned, this phone is very elegant and sexy with a size of 107 x 55 x 15.8 mm, this phone will give you comfort of mind The light weight is only 120 grams. These dimensions are much better than its competitor. This phone offers touchscreen TFT powerful features that gives a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This screen is 2.6 inches wide and has features like the touch of fingers gliding FLO, the QWERTY keyboard navigation handwriting recognition. All these features allow you to read and write their e-mails and other important documents easily.

HTC Touch Dual To get a better phone than its rival Sprint Treo 650, the company has several other features of the phone. These characteristics are as 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi high speed internet, dual camera option, Bluetooth and an integrated music player to give the impression multimedia phone.

These days, many mobile phone manufacturers have introduced a massive number of handsets integrated with highly sophisticated features. The latest gadgets have also turned up with various value-added tariff plans to catch the attention of the users. HTCMagic Vodafone is one of the well-established brands that produce ultimate devices with advanced technology. HTC Magic Vodafone has been released recently that gaining popularity among the people. The availability of the Vodafone network has made it more impressive.

HTC Touch Dual

HTC Magic Vodafone is a sleek, compact and high-definition phone that operates on the Android platform. It delivers a fast internet experience through which one can get connected to the world. The phone is designed with a 3.2 inches HVGA touchscreen that allows the user to view the display with clarity. With the integration of an Android browser, it lets the user to download number of games and applications very- very easily. HTC Magic provides a variety of email facility like Google Mail for instant messaging.

HTC Magic Vodafone comes with intuitive internet experience for accessing data and files quickly. Through the 3.15 megapixel camera, one can capture beautiful photos and can video recordings . The Bluetooth of this gadget is outstanding. Through which you can transfer any file or data to other compatible devices. It is also embedded with GPS navigation feature that allows the user to explore any place or address very- very soon. This handset is packed with multiplayer feature that enables you to enjoy listening to music HTC Magic Vodafone anytime.


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The Nokia E75 Reviews

The Nokia E75 is a hardcore business user of mobile email with large and QWERTY keyboard functions. The HTC Touch Pro 2 3G telephony business intelligent communication functions and also focused on a QWERTY keyboard as its main attraction.

Physical Design

The Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 is a smaller phone compared with the HTC Touch Pro 2. While the E75 has a vital 111.8 x 50 x 14.4 mm, the Pro2 is much greater with dimensions of 116 x 59.2 x 17.3 mm. The Nokia 139 grams of weight is lighter than the HTC phone, which weighs 175 grams. The Touch Pro 2 has a large touchscreen TFT of 3.6 inches wide resistance, while the E75 has a TFT display is less than 2.4 cm wide. The two phones have an accelerometer for auto screen rotation.


Both the E75 and Pro2 are focused on mobile business with a strong emphasis on communication skills. Both phones have excellent full QWERTY. E-mail the Nokia E75 is optimized for communication to the contractor. Its role-mail client is well advanced. The HTC Touch Pro 2 has a feature without problems to speak frankly without e-mail to one or more conference calls and conference calls complete. Speakers and a microphone high quality conferences are clearly different phone. Its interface allows for multiparty conference calls easy.


The Nokia phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera with high resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. It has an autofocus and an LED flash for better image quality. The model HTC has a 3.15 mega pixel camera with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The camera has an auto focus to improve image quality.


The Nokia E75-3

The E75 can record videos in VGA resolution. It has a secondary VGA video call camera. The HTC Pro 2 can also record video and has a second camera for video calls.

The Nokia E75 has a music player that supports MP3/MP4/eAAC + / formats WMA audio files. It also has FM radio with RDS to add audio entertainment. It also has an audio connector 3.5 mm headphone jack. The touch Pro2 has an MP3 player and FM radio with RDS enabled too. Both phones have a Blue tooth connectivity to enable a listening experience wirelessly.

The E75 supports games, including downloaded Internet for these. Ngage The phone is compatible to enhance the gaming experience. The Pro 2 is compatible with games too.


The Nokia E75 has HSCSD HSDPA 3.6Mbps, EDGE and Wi Fi Internet speed up and improve your Internet experience. Your browser WAP2, XHTML and HTML technologies browsing experience rapidly and smoothly. The HTC Touch Pro 2 has HSCSD, EDGE, Wi-Fi and HSDPA 7.2Mbps to improve Internet connection speeds. Browser only supports technology HTML.

Communication plays a crucial part in today’s world. Almost all the spheres of human activity are completely dependent on the way and the manner in which we communicate with each other. One advancement in the field of communication that has been a blessing to the people the world over is the advent of mobile technology. No other technology has received the admiration as well as the warm reception from the common man as the mobile phone technology. Even in the field of mobile phone technology the arrival of GSM mobile phones has been one of the most watershed events.

The Nokia E75-2

The GSM mobile phones have completely altered the way people communicate over their mobiles. It enables the user to keep the same GSM mobile phones no matter to which part of the world they are traveling. GSM or the Global System for Mobile Communications technology was developed as the result of the endeavors of the scientists and technicians in Europe to have a standard for the mobile phone system throughout Europe. Launched in the country of Finland, the use of GSM mobile phones has only grown manifolds. Almost all of the mobile carriers are using this technology to make sure that the common man has the best in terms of communication.

The Unlocked GSM cell phones have redefined the manner in which the world communicates. The pace at which the Unlocked GSM cell phones are becoming popular worldwide, it is really going to be the future of the human way of communication.

Globally, GSM penetration has been remarkable. These Samsung mobile phones are preferred because of easy SIM based subscription process .Customers can chose handsets and operators as per their need and budget. Net surfing, live portals are some of the value added services that the customers can avail. With the development of new technologies, GSM has given a new definition to communication.

best contract mobile

The invention of the mobile phone great and has broken physical barriers by giving immediate connectivity at any time and at any where. Mobile phones are one of best communication tools catering to the social need of people to talk and stay in touch with anyone its a common device for all.

The love for mobile phones is reaching a crescendo as everybody wants to own the latest handset that has an attractive design, slim and with smart functions and is loaded with features. But buying a handset and paying monthly bills can be quite tough. Now people like to get a mobile with a contract.


In the UK there are lots of online shop  s and they offer a range of contract. But which is the best UK mobile contract? It is the question from a user who wants to buy a mobile phone through a contract. I ensure you that we give the answer because we have best contract mobile phone deals.

Why you will choose the contract mobile phone? Contract mobile phones are in trend owing to the lower costs and easy affordability. There is a wide section of group of people who cannot afford to pay a huge amount of money on mobile phones. Such users can find comfort in best deals on latest contract mobile phones in UK or Best UK mobile contract.

Get the best contract mobile phone deal on these phones now! If you’ve been looking forward to buy mobile phones with maximum benefits, this is it! You’ve come to the right place. Get an exciting range of mobile phone across all the leading networks. What’s more? A user can choose from a wide collection of choices, ranging from basic phones to fancy and high tech phones on offer at

We are offering these services at discounted rates. Get SIM free mobile phones & Pay as you go mobile phones. The latest mobile phone deals and offers excellent opportunity to buy original mobile phones at a competitive price. Be it Nokia mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones, Sony phones or any other latest handsets. At, you can choose from a collection of leading UK manufacturers. These attractive mobile phone deals adhere to the varied requirements of the buyers.


Search and compare the different mobile phone deals on offer and find the package that fits your needs. Browse through the sections below to find the best tariffs and deals on all UK networks. What more can you ask for with the latest models available at the most affordable prices!! Own the latest mobile phones at prices that you can afford.

Now, a user can choose a mobile phone on contract basis. Get all the latest and most sophisticated handsets, manufactured by leading players in the industry such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG are now part of attractive contract deals. It can be said that many of the latest music phones, multimedia phones and 3g handsets are now available as contract mobile phones.

The best UK mobile deals in UK are getting so attractive and tempting that owning the latest mobile phones like nokia n96, Samsung i900 Omnia The freedom of choice, variety of cheap mobile phone deals with best tariff and low line rentals have made the latest handsets reasonable for all mobile user.

The mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Erickson, Samsung etc, are launching new handsets with huge memory card and large mega pixel camera, almost every day and mobile technology is attaining new highs with the launch of each new model. Be it mobile photography, music, games, or high-end connectivity and web browsing, mobile phones have greatly succeeded in fulfilling all our multimedia needs. Name any multimedia feature and you\’ll get the handset specifically designed for it.


For business purposes, these sorts of mobile phones are very effective because you can talk in an unlimited way. Quite entertainingly, you don\’t have to keep recharging your gadget at frequent intervals. Precisely, the contract mobile phones have become quite essential for considerably a large part of population.

Thus, if you want to remain informed and stay ahead in life, you should opt for such gadgets without any second thoughts. One of the astonishing aspects of these handsets is that these gadgets are quite economical and cost effective as the call rates and other service charges of the gadgets are comparatively lower as compared to the pay as go phones.

Best contract mobile phone deals is appropriate for you it doesn’t matter that you are an individual or corporate user. Best UK mobile contract your mobile solution to buy new mobile.

samsung pixon m8800 review

The Samsung Pixon – M8800 and Nokia N97 are two cell phones, with slightly different characteristics. I’m comparing  phones based on size / design, screen, battery, video camera, data, messaging, music and multimedia and connectivity. With many phones to choose from, it is advisable take a moment to compare that interest you. Often, cell phones offer the same features, but the cost of different quantities.


To begin this comparison and contrast I will start with the similarities between the two. Both phones use the same technology, the frequency bands and data. This means they have the same operating system, the strength to pick up signals and connect to the fastest speeds available on the network.

Furthermore the messaging instant predictive text function (which function autocompletion), models of text message (words or phrases written for pre-shipment a message easier) and text messaging. They are equipped with FM radio, GPS and music player. Both set up for Blue Tooth connectivity, accounts e-mail (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, to name a few), memory card slots for additional memory you, you may have USB ports for easy connections to your PC and Web browser to surf the Internet.

The phone’s dimensions are 4.25 “x 2.15” x .54 “, has an integrated antenna, touch screen, keyboard, bar phone design and weighs 4.26 oz Other places have dimensions of 4.61 x 2.17 “x 62 with internal antenna, headphone output 3.5mm Jack has a full QWERTY keyboard (with keyboard works Save as a computer keyboard), touch screen, keyboard, bar phone with a slide design input / output keyboard and weighs 5.29 oz Although the phone second appears to be slightly larger and heavier than tends to offer some design features added on the other.


Now I will compare the two phones based on the life of the battery, display, camera and video. The former has a battery time of 290 hours against 400 hours and a talk time of 3.5 hours compared to 5 hours. Then the screen of a phone contains 256 bytes of the color resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. The second is 16 billion bytes colors and 640 x 360 pixels. Finally, the video camera and the features are quite different. An offer of video acquisition, Geo tagging, auto focus, secondary video call camera, smile and blink detection, flash red beak and shake reduction 8.0 mega pixels. The other has autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, video capture, video light, 30 fps, LED flash and 5.0 mega pixels.

Apart from the camera and video capabilities offered by Samsung Pixon – M8800, the Nokia N97 offers better features elsewhere. It offers a touchscreen and a keyboard manual slide / to a slightly more than an hour of waiting time and 2 hours of talk time and the display shows a clearer picture with bright colors more vibrant. The phones did not differ significantly, but according to what suites your taste, you can make a difference. Hopefully this article can help you make the best choice.

The keyboard phones are phones with full QWERTY keyboard. There is a reason why you need portable keyboard. With these devices, you can write text messages and emails with ease. Moreover, most of these phones allow you to access the Internet if you use a laptop or PC as need the QWERTY keyboard to help you navigate around. With a full QWERTY keyboard, this means you can use the keyboard of mobile phones for work and recreation.


Basically, this technology is based on PCs and laptops use. People try to be innovative and phones with keyboard, you get to work anywhere time and any place without trouble. Example of a full QWERTY keyboard phones is Nokia Communicator, Nokia5800, Blackberry and Palm series and several others. LG have few, but still have not reached the heights of the X1 from Sony. But according to the slides on many keyboard LG phone is a very soft!

With phones more and more Keyboard emerging mobile market, increased competition competing in terms of providing the best experience with a full QWERTY keyboard. By Of course, this is not cheap, but surely you need and you can get a contract that gives your mobile phone free.

These days, technology phone keypad is more advanced and better. No need for large chunks mobile phones. Instead, we have mobile phones that fit in the palm hand in hand with a full QWERTY keyboard, which is easy to use and easy to keep in your pocket or purse. Whatever phone you want, there is an offer for him. Sure and out purchase of Orange, Vodafone or T-Mobile plans better.


Top three Samsung smartphones with the best battery capacity in Kenya

The important thing to look at in a phone currently is the battery in any phone that you wish to buy. This is the one thing that you always look at every time you want to buy a new smartphone.  Kenyans have a thing with the battery capacity, and a phone that will win over their hearts has to be the phone with the highest battery capacity. Everyone is tired of walking around with a power bank to boost their phones every time the battery is low. People are also getting tired of walking around with a charger to charge their phones in case the battery is low. The smartphone that every single Kenyan would want to have is that which they can use a whole day with all the freedom that they have and not worry about it going off because it has a battery capacity that can stay for long.

Declaim: Samsung smartphones have tried to build up on this need that is on the rise each and every day. Models released have battery capacities that are higher than what we had initially. This said and done, we are going to look at some of the best Samsung smartphones with the best battery capacities in Kenya and the price that they come with.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 3600mAh capacity. This can keep your smartphone on for a whole day without shutting down. If you live in certain areas in Kenya that experience power failure, this battery will give you some peace as it will not be going off after some time if you dont have electricity.  It is endowed with great features that are fully complimented by the power in this battery. To begin with, it runs on the latest Android operating system. This means that it will accommodate some of the best apps that will require a lot of power from your phone.  The 4GB RAM on this phone ensures that the speed that you operate some of the apps with is not slow but quite fast. This is why a powerful smartphone will need a powerful battery to keep up with what it can do. Apart from all the super functions that this phone can offer you, it is important to know that this phone is both water and dust resistant making it one of the best Samsung smartphones in Kenya. The range of the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is between Ksh 70,000 – 80, 0000, not so bad for a phone that gives you such a battery capacity.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an attractive phone due to the sleek design that it comes with.  Everything about this phone is super amazing from the screen which applies the Corning Gorilla technology giving your screen a good display.  It runs on the latest Android version which 6.0 Marshmallow thus giving you room to access some of the latest apps on your phone.  Apps on your phone will serve you better only if you have a RAM that is capable of giving it the speed of multitasking. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 4GB RAM that enables your phone to perform at its best without the constant problem of hanging that you have experienced in other phones. There is so much that this phone can do making it one of the best phones in Kenya this year. I believe that a phone cannot be complete unless the battery complements with all the standard that the phone has. The battery capacity for this phone is 3000mAh. Slightly lower than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but still effective.  If you are a person that uses the phone for basic things such as calling and texting then you might not need to use a charger for two days or so. If you are a mid-level user then a day will do for you without having to charge the phone. For heavy users, people who love surfing, gaming and working with most of the apps on their phones, you can use it for more than fourteen hours without having to charge it. How cool can it get? This is like having all the power that you may need at the palm of your hands. The only challenge that you have is to use the power as you will. The average price for Samsung Galaxy S7 in Kenya is Ksh 70,000 – 80, 000

  • Samsung Galaxy A9

If you have not heard of this phone, then there is nothing that you have had about the Samsung smartphones. Before I tell you about the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy A9 let me begin by telling you some of the amazing features that this phone comes with.  It runs on the lollipop Android operating system. This might not be the most recent but that does not mean that it is not good. This OS is capable of giving a user as much as what version 6.0 can give. Most of the smartphones that are in Kenya are running on this platform so you don’t have to worry about that. A RAM of 3GB will offer you great speed and if speed is the experience that you look for in a phone, then Samsung Galaxy A9 will definitely give you this experience. The screen applies the Corning Gorilla technology making it one of the best phones to use as you will not have to worry about your screen getting scratches that may make your phone look a few years older. The battery is the thing that makes this phone win the price of the year with a 4000mAh battery, it unlocks all the potential in a phone that you can ever think of. Most of the times when we need to travel the main worry that we have is that we cannot stay on the internet for long periods of time because the charge is going to disappoint us. You don’t have to worry anymore with Samsung Galaxy A9, this is because the capacity that this battery has will take you for more than a day without you having to charge it. It is the dream that many of us have when we are buying any smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A9 will give you the best experience in a battery than you can ever get anywhere. The price range of this phone is around KSH 70, 000. I personally don’t mind using all that money to get a phone that will give me the best battery experience.


We are headed to a place where what matters most in a smartphone is the battery capacity. As I always say, there is no point of having a good phone whose battery capacity cannot serve you for more than eight hours. Most Kenyans will consider the battery capacity and other upgraded specs that a smartphone has. I think whatever Samsung phones have been doing is giving us the best quality phones but now they are focusing more on the batter plus other specs that will make clients buy the phone. This is something that will rank them highly in Kenya as the best smartphone.

Samsung Rugby Smart

When smartphones first started to roll out in the market, Samsung Rugby had made a name for itself. It was considered to be AT&T’s best or top of the line rugged style smartphone with push-to-talk feature as well. Two years ago, Samsung Rugby II took the spotlight and continued the legacy left behind by its predecessor. It was as rugged as before and was liked by many. Now in our hands we have the Samsung Rugby Smart which tries to keep itself updated to the current smartphone industry but at the same time keeping the ruggedness it’s well known for. Indeed, the Samsung Rugby Smart looks like it will be able to take on some rugby-like incidents, but will the specs appeal to the masses?



Looks are the last thing in the list for this smartphone, which we came to expect for a rugged style device. The Samsung Rugby Smart comes has rubber grips on the sides and also a textured back cover. The rear cover also boasts a lock mechanism to cap off the ruggedness-oriented features in the phone’s design. So you can be assured that this phone will be able to take its daily dose of wear and tear. Adding on to that, the phone is also up to military standard 810F for protection against shock and rain among other things. This means that it will withstand the occasional drops much better than most of the other smartphones out there. Samsung also says that you can bring this phone for a 1 meter dive in the water for about 30 minutes and still be able to use it afterwards.

At 4.82 x 2.59 x 0.48 inches, it’s pretty wide, but that’s down to all the design features meant to make this phone as rugged as it can be. Moving on to the buttons on the sides of the phone, they have all been made to be very strong. The volume rocker on the left and the power button on the right have both been made out of tough plastic. It’s also impressive that they still give good response to our touch. You will find the microUSB port on the bottom hidden under a flap and the standard audio jack on the top hidden in the same fashion. On the front sits a majestic 3.7 inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen that will be talked about later on. Also on the front, there is an 1.3 MP camera and of course the trademark Android buttons – they are physical buttons rather than the usual capacitive ones. It’s nice that Samsung threw in some good specs with the Samsung Rugby Smart as on the back, you find a 5MP camera as well.


Aimed at fitting nicely in the mid-range category for smartphones, the Samsung Rugby Smart comes with a 1.4GHz single core CPU rather than a dual core CPU like most smartphones of the present. Samsung also throws in a 512MB RAM to make the experience better for you. It is able to handle everything well except for those live wallpapers.



In terms of software, there’s nothing revolutionary about the GUI as the Samsung Rugby Smart uses Samsung’s TouchWiz. Since it’s a mid range phone, the fact that it ran Anrdoid v2.3.6 Gingerbread didn’t shock us. We are already familiar with TouchWiz’s deep personalization features, and we get the same offering in this phone as well. No doubt, the much loved Android experience was also there. Typing speed might take a hit with this phone as the onscreen keyboards are quite cramped. Although we loved its good response rate but that of course can’t mask the fact that using this keyboard leads to many errors due to the cramped layout. Since the Samsung Rugby Smart is an AT&T phone, so it did come with a list of apps made by AT&T. Some of these apps are the AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T FamilyMap and AT&T Navigator.

Having a 3.7 inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen on a phone that’s not exactly on the top end list is a blessing. So we thank Samsung for doing that with the Samsung Rugby Smart. The Super AMOLED display as always impresses with its astounding details and bright colors. The screen also has wide viewing angles. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t been able to solve the problem of being able to see the screen under bright environments.


You usually do not put too much hope on the camera of a phone aimed at being rugged. However, the Samsung Rugby Smart gives us a pleasant surprise. The 5MP auto-focus camera on the back of this phone was able to reproduce colors well. However it’s not all a bed of roses as the photos do appear to be washed out and lacking a little in terms of detail. If you go indoors, you are going to need that LED flash or your pictures are going to be grainy. Sadly, the decent performance in the photo taking section cannot be said for video recording. Albeit recording at 720p, the details were really lacking and artifacting was way too apparent. However, your mood is lightened up a little thanks to its 30fps recording and clear audio.


Samsung Rugby Smart comes with HSPA+ connection rather than LTE, but it still managed to impress us with its speeds. Web browsing using Samsung Rugby Smart was a delight as we were able to do all the navigational controls without any hiccups. It can even take on Flash content so there was really nothing to complain about. In terms of connectivity options, running on GSM network makes it a global phone. Other than that, the usual options like aGPS, Wi-fi together with mobile hotspot functionality and Bluetooth are all offered.

The call quality is the most important thing for any phone, but sadly the Samsung Rugby Smart does let us down here. Voices were muffled on our end but our friends on the other end of the line had no complains. The phone gets its juice from the 1650 mAh battery and is able to last a full day if you are an average user.

Pros and Cons


The Samsung Rugby Smart proves itself as a rugged phone as well as being waterproof. The Super AMOLED screen is also awesome. At $100, it’s also very affordable.

We would have loved to have gotten a much better calling quality. The on-screen keyboard was also a downer as it was quite cramped.


So if you are an avid fan of AT&T and have been looking for a phone that would be able to withstand your clumsiness, the Samsung Rugby Smart is definitely rugged enough for you. Being extremely affordable for the specs it offers makes it all the more attractive for you.